Ella Hudson
kissed By










Little Ella. You stormed into our lives in the middle of the night on 21st July 1999.
Mummy was onher knees wondering if it could get any worse and, of course, it did.
But you finally arrived at twenty past four, a beautifiul baby girl, Mummy and Daddy's
pride and joy and a gorgeous little sister for Alexander. He was so proud.

For the first three months you were a normal baby girl and you reached your
milestones ahead of your time. You smiled at us at 3 weeks; and do you remember
laughing a Mummy on the telephone. Your gurgle was wonderful and you brought
us so much joy.

After a while you became ill. At first we thought you had derebral palsy, then you battled through meningacocle meningitis at Christmas, only to be diagnosed with Krabbe disease. However, throughout all this and many more infections you stayed determined
and your little battle has been an inspiration to us all.

Remember when Mummy had girlie nights in with her friends and you were very
much part of it, being one of the girls and too nosey to go to sleep. When Alexander
used to drag you round the house and scream in your face.... And you loved it
and giggled with him. When Nana blew raspberries on your hand and, however hard
it was for you, you tried to lift your arm up for her to do it again.

You have been sucha brave little girl, but you finally gave up your little battle on
Monday, 19th June, at Martin House. We were so happy that you were with
everybody who loved you, under the tree on that beautiful afternoon, surrounded
by fresh flowers and a balmy breeze keeping you cool. You chose your moment, waiting for when you were alone with Mummy.

Mummy said it was OK now for you to go to sleep - and you did.

Now my darling you are free. Free from illness and paid. Free to fly, play and
eat the sweets that Alexander so wanted to share with you.

You were given to Mummy and Daddy for a short while because they are
special people; chosen to look after you until you went back to Jesus.
You have a very special Mummy and Daddy and their strength and determination
has also been an inspiration to the family and friends. Now it is time for us
all to heal, not least you my darling. Mummy said tha tthe way you left us
was perfect. Your life and your death has been a special experience
for us all and we'll always love you.

Bye bye Ella, Mummy and Daddy's stolen agnel, Alexander's little chicken and both
your Nanas' precious princess.You'll always live on in our lives and our hearts.

Be happy with the angels.

This tribute was written on the day of Ella's funeral and read .
Ella's Nana would like to add the following on 11 August.

Time has passed, but you are still with us every day.
Alexander talks about you every day, we're getting there but we miss you so much.

God Bless Darling.