Ella Hudson








Ella Hudson was an extremely special little girl, she is remembered by so
many people , listed below is a very special thought and comment from
somebody who knew her for a very short space of time :-

I only Knew Ella for a very short time, she no sooner came into my life
and was then gone,and for such a small little girl she touched my
life in such a very big way.

As a father myself, I cannot begin to imagine the loss a parent feels
when their offspring are taken from them. However Ella was born into
a family surrounded by love and like the little girl herself, her parents
were very unique and special in their own right.

Ella showed tremendous strength and until she felt the time was right,
a massive willingness to live. For me her courageousness and her
families strength have and continue to be an example and really
highlight and put things into perspective for me.

If you a reading this for the first time, I ask you to pause for a
second - and in this veryfast and insecure world consider:-

What is really important in your life

Ella was I believe sent for a reason, her short life has in an enormous
way taught me so much, and if like the ella's family you are living this
nightmare, I reach out to you with open arms and ask that you
strive to fulfill the dreams and desires deep within your child.

Never lose the ability to continue with all your objectives, wipe away
your tears and hold onto life, it really is so precious and regrettably
the gift of life, is only a loan.

Find time to listen to your heart and try to accept things on faith ,
as without this your life will be filled with doubt.

My thoughts are with with and all your family.

And finally , I should like to say a thank you
and good-bye to Little Baby Ella.

Who I will never forget.