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Ella Hudson is a special little girl to not just a family in Cleackheaton, Bradford, but to a whole community and town.

During the first 18 weeks of Ellas life she developed like any other child, smiling, gurgling, and reaching for her toys. But by November 1999 she was crying in pain through the day and night and lost coordination in her tiny limbs. Over Christmas 1999 Ella was hospitalised after she contracted a meningoccocal infection, a form of meningitis.

Then in January her mother and father, Sarah and Paul were told their daughter had Krabbes disease - a rare condition inherited from them.

Sadly Ella passed away on the 19th June 2000, in her mothers arms in the gardens of Martin House. However Ella now lives on in the memory of the people who got to know her. She's proved how a community can pull together in bad times.

We have kept this site to increase the awareness of Krabbes, and to thank Martin House for their valuable support.

On behalf or Sarah and Paul, we would like to thank ALL the members of Staff at Martin House. And we will continue to offer our support.

Listed below is a direct link to Ella's Personal Picture Gallery........

Ella's Picture Gallery

Martin House Hospice for Children


Martin House is situated at Boston Spa near Wetherby and is dedicated to the care and support of terminally ill children and their families. Ella's parents, Sarah and Paul were taken under the wing of Martin House after Ella was diagnosed with Krabbe and it is for this reason that the family,friends and the local community are striving together to raise money as a way of saying THANKYOU for the support they have received.

Martin House is run solely on charity and costs £30,000 per week to run. Whilst people are very generous to the cause, it is essential people are aware of the work they do for terminally ill children and their families. Continuing support is given also to families once they have been bereaved and in particular the brothers and sisters of ill children. It's a home from home - wonderful place.

Visit the Martin House website here.

Comments above in relation to Martin House
are by Cath Hughes - Grandmother To Ella Hudson

who has written a very special memorial,
a link to which can be found below:

My Little Angel